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Mission of Lay Missionaries



An out-reaching church is a body made up of missionaries. Nowadays, every member of the Church is a missionary. They live their everyday life as a testimony to spread the good news of God. By taking the first step to participate and service, their efforts will bear fruit and bring happiness.  Communities made up of missionary members have unlimited opportunities to demonstrate the mercy of Christ, just as they had experienced the infinite mercy and power of God.


Members of the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP) are also missionaries. They meet regularly, pray together, and visit the needy in different areas, especially where help is most urgently needed. They bring Christ to others while also bringing them back to Christ.


The Church is made up of people of different nationalities and backgrounds. Members of SSVP also come from different backgrounds. It is hoped that such a combination would help us experience a diverse yet joyful and synodal community of faith.

Rev. Dominic Chan, VG
Spiritual Advisor,
SSVP Central Council of Hong Kong